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  • Long lasting LED light – good as bed lighting becase it’s dimmable
  • Long lasting LED light – good as bed lighting
  • Drew is made out of solid wood and polished brass
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  • The top is made of polycarbonate and the lamp is dimmable
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  • Drew is perfect as workihng light – light it up with your laptop
  • Drew specs
  • The silicon cord is flexible

Drew the Pencil Lamp


STYLE: Drew the Pencil Lamp

DESIGN: Michael and George

DIMENSIONS: height: 47cm/18 inches

TECHNICAL DATA: dimmable, non-replaceable, long lasting LED (approx. 20+ years), 220 lumen (equivalent 25w bulb), 5V DC input, region specific plug included, USB connected

COLORS: Yellow

MATERIAL: solid wood, polished brass and a polycarbonate diffuser


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